Rayyan Mill, Yemen - Malala microlot

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Rayyan Mill, Yemen - Malala microlot

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Region:  Ismail
Elevation:  1,500 - 2,000 masl
Varietals:  Mixed Heirlooms
Processing: Natural (Sun-dried)

Roasted or Green:
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This small valley in the well-known Bani Ismail region offers a very unique Yemen coffee. One of the reasons for its
uniqueness is the rarity of the predominate varietal in the Malala Valley. It is a sub-varietal of one of the traditional Yemen
varieties but throughout the centuries it has adapted to the harsh land and climate of Bani Ismail - and currently it is
cultivated exclusively in the Bani Ismail area.

Drought, war, and lack of transparency characterize Yemeni coffee; as a result, Yemeni coffees rarely leave the country in pristine condition. Rayyan Mill, in Sanaa, however, turns these processes on their head. They select only the best coffees from Yemeni farming communities they're developing relationships with. Each coffee arrives at the mill immediately after harvest, where it undergoes carefully processing, is stored in grain pro, and constantly checked for quality.

This is a blend of coffees processed at Rayyan Mill from the Malala region. It features notes of leather and banana with a thick body. It sweetens as it cools and is a melange of gentle fruit notes. Make sure to let it rest a minimum of two weeks before trying! A week of rest for one of these Yemeni coffees is equivalent to a day for a normal coffee.