Nyeri Hill Estate, Kenya


Nyeri Hill Estate, Kenya

from 15.40

Region: Nyeri
Processing: Wet Process
Elevation: 1800-2200 meters
Varietals: mostly SL-28 with some SL-34 and Ruiru

Roasted or Green:
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The Archdiocese of Nyeri has run Nyeri Hill Farm since Consulata Missionaries planted coffee there 100 years ago and built a coffee mill on the farm shortly before World War II broke out. High elevations and high quality varietals combine in consistently delicious coffee. On top of high quality, the farm also has a record of social and environmental sustainability: they've begun a reforestation project and have implemented measures to prevent erosion; fungicides and pesticides haven't been used in over a decade while all synthetic chemical use has been reduced to encourage an increase the the already diverse fauna and animal life on the 4500 acre estate; they employ over 300 workers directly and provide income indirectly to another 1,000+; income from their coffee has been used to construct hospitals, seminaries, high schools, and colleges. In addition to many other practices not mentioned here, Nyeri Hill Farm's sustainability efforts have earned them Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Kapeh, 4Cs, and CAFÉ Practices Certifications. 

The experience drinking this lot will feel less like drinking traditional coffee and more like drinking fruit juice. The acidity comes through prominently, but is perfectly balanced and integrated by intense, fruited sweetness and a heavy body (for a Kenyan coffee). The citric and phosphoric acidities combine with its sugary sweetness to give prominent notes of pink grapefruit and navel orange, while black currant, black grape, blueberry, and blackberry all swirl about this complex cup. The finish is long and, again, incredibly sweet. All-in-all, this is an approachable Kenya that works well on every brewing method including (and perhaps especially?) as espresso.