La Yumbada Farm, Ecuador


La Yumbada Farm, Ecuador

from 16.18

Region: Pichincha
Processing: Wet, drying on raised beds
Altitude: 2200 meters
Varietals: Sidra
Certifications: None.

Our Tasting Notes

The cup is fruity, but balanced. The mouthfeel is juicy and the flavor intensely sweet like full ripe strawberry. While this is a fruity coffee there is minimal acidity because the juicy mouthfeel and sweetness so overcompensate. This is a genuinenly unique and delicious microlot.


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Ecuador is the tiniest of South America's coffee exporting countries. Single farms in other Latin American countries produce more than Ecuador and most of what comes out of the country is soluble (instant) coffee. So, coffee from Ecuador, especially high quality, can be a diamond in the rough. The farm, La Yumbada, is on the border near Colombia and features the best results of superior varietals, picking, sorting, and processing at extremely high elevations. Owned and run by Rommy Idrobo and Christian Marlin, it is planted under a shade forest and is a major player in efforts to reforest the area. They and their neighbors are also pursuing new techniques in organic fertilization and botanical oils for insecticides. The farm is planted with many heirloom varietals including the one we’ve brought in this year through Red Fox Importers: Sidra. Sidra (Spanish for Cider) is an extremely rare cross between Bourbon and Typica varietals, but has a taste all of it’s own: asian pear, strawberry, butter, and chocolate ganache. We don’t have much, so it probably won’t last long!