Karumandi Mill, Kenya


Karumandi Mill, Kenya

from 15.40

Region: Kirinyaga
Processing: Wet Process
Elevation: 1700 meters
Varietals: SL-28, SL-34

A classic, deep-toned Kenya: blackberry and black currant with milk chocolate and baking spices.

Roasted or Green:
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Redolent of citrus with an unmistakeable grapefruit acidity and that unforgettable winey body, Kirinyaga is the central region that has defined Kenyan coffee. This lot from the Baragwi coffee society consists of day lots collected at the Karumandi mill, blended to achieve the best flavor profile possible and graded according to size: AA being the largest bean size. In addition to the regional uniqueness of Kirinyaga, Kenya's unique processing method imparts additional flavor characteristics that define a Kenyan profile: after delivery at the mill, the cherry undergoes pulping, 24 hours of dry fermentation, a first wash, 12 hours of additional dry fermentation, then a second wash. The coffee is then laid out in parchment in a thin layer to allow the moisture level to drop (called "skin drying") before it is moved to raised African drying beds for a slow, 1-2 week drying to the perfect moisture level. During this process all mucilage is removed ensuring the final product only features the taste of the terroir and the fermentation tanks.

The experience drinking this lot will feel less like drinking traditional coffee and more like drinking fruit juice. The acidity comes through prominently, but is perfectly balanced and integrated by intense, fruited sweetness of black currants and black berries and a heavy body (for a Kenyan coffee). The citric and phosphoric acidities combine with its sugary sweetness to give prominent notes of pink grapefruit and navel orange, while deep chocolate rounds them all out. The combination is something like drinking a chocolate phosphate of yesteryear. All-in-all, this is an approachable Kenya that works well on every brewing method including (and perhaps especially?) as espresso.