Decaf Ethiopia, ECX Sidama

Duromina Coop, Agaro_Shrub.jpg
Duromina Coop, Agaro_Shrub.jpg

Decaf Ethiopia, ECX Sidama

from 14.70

Region:  Sidama
Varietals:  Mixed Heirlooms
Processing: Natural and MC2

Roasted or Green:
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The importer who brought in this coffee from Duromina had a portion of it specially decaffeinated in Switzerland. Swiss Water processing uses nothing but water: the beans are soaked in water, which washes away 99% of the caffeine before they are dried back down to 11% moisture. Due to this gentle method of decaf processing, this lot will taste more like its non-decaf version: floral with undertones of raisin, peach, and milk chocolate.

Our tasting notes
Flavor: sugar browning, milk chocolate, flora
Body: medium
Acidity: peach
Finish: raisin, lingering