Learning Lab :: Sensory Lab (8/2017)

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Learning Lab :: Sensory Lab (8/2017)


Come taste several seasonal coffees from different parts of the globe alongside an array of complementary foods (select fruits, nuts, chocolate, and spices) common foun in coffee. , You'll find yourself better able to recognize and describe “familiar” foods in order to broaden your individual sensory library. 

If you're new(ish) to coffee or tastings, no worries! We’ll use the newly designed SCA flavor wheel to discuss he bigger differences as well as the discreet nuances between coffees

Space is extremely limited, so get yourself a ticket on our website ASAP (or in the store). 

OH, and as thanks for being so cool, $5 from your ticket price can be used as a $5 discount on a bag of coffee. 

Who: you! 

When: 2 PM, Sunday, August 6, 2017

Where: OQ Coffee Shop & Roastery

13 South 3rd Avenue, Suite C
Highland Park, NJ 08904

Cost: $8. You'll receive a ticket at the cupping, which you can use to receive 5 bucks off your next purchase of any bag of beans afterward!

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**Please avoid strong smelling perfumes or deodorants and avoid eating strong tasting foods immediately before.**

Be sure to select "Local Pick Up" during checkout.