Learning Lab :: Acids Lab (10/2017)


Learning Lab :: Acids Lab (10/2017)


We'll be tasting apples, food grade acid solutions, and coffees while learning how acidity effects your stomach, your food, and your coffee!

Space is limited, so get yourself a ticket on our website ASAP (or in the store). 

OH, and as thanks for being so cool, $5 from your ticket price can be used as a $5 discount on a bag of coffee. 

Who: you! 

When: 2-4 PM, Sunday, October 22, 2017

Where: OQ Coffee Shop & Roastery

13 South 3rd Avenue, Suite C
Highland Park, NJ 08904

Cost: $10. You'll receive a ticket at the cupping, which you can use to receive 5 bucks off your next purchase of any bag of beans afterward!

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**Please avoid strong smelling perfumes or deodorants and avoid eating strong tasting foods immediately before.**

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