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Chemex Coffeemakers

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OQ Coffee is an official retailer of Chemex Brewing equipment.  As part of that endeavour, we've been putting together a little guide to brewing on a Chemex Brewer.  If at this point your thinking, "Chemex?  What the heck is that?  Are they peddling pharmaceuticals??"  You wouldn't be far off.  Chemex brewers were, in fact, invented by a chemist, but for brewing coffee instead of over-the-counter medications (which...some claim coffee is). 

What They Are

Chemex brewers come in several shapes and sizes.  In general, though, these glass brewers have an hourglass shape with a wooden collar (for gettin' a good grip). 

How They Work 

They function like a normal drip brewer without the automation.  You place a filter on top, add ground coffee, and then add water.  Check out the OQ Coffee Chemex Brewing Guide for further instructions.  

Why They Rock 

Control: unlike automated drip brewers, you can control the temperature of the water and ensure that all the dry grounds get soaked (two classic drip brewing problems).
Clean up: after you serve all your coffee, just add some hot water, swirl, and dump; you've got a clean chemex!
Taste: the chemex filters were specially formulated to get a super clean tasting cup of coffee.  They offer much of the flavor of a french press , but a cleaner cup.  No occasional, residual grounds on the bottom or oils floating on top.
Good looks: they is fine looking.
Make sure to checkout our Chemex brew guide, and don't forget to pick up filters for your Chemex!

Note: Coffeemakers are measured using 5 oz. as 1 cup.

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