Organic Cold Brewed Cocoa

Sometimes you may feel like you're indulging when you have chocolate (at least we do), but more recently, there has been a fabulous wave (much like "third wave coffee") in chocolate, in which folks are doing bean-to-bar chocolate: traceable, sustainable guilt-free chocolate!  Our friend Melanie who started Anahata Chocolate took on this endeavor, and did so here in central New Jersey, being the first minority, women-owned chocolatier in the U.S.  She's now taking a break from the business, but is sure to keep chocolate in her life.  Find out more about Anahata Chocolate here.

While we're sad to see her take a break, we are carrying on her legacy this summer in the form of Cold-brewed Cocoa!  Technically, it's cold-brewed cacao nibs.  The ground nibs have been cold brewed for 24 hours.  You will get a tea-like taste with a long, lingering and heavy finish of chocolate.

These nibs are a mix from three Caribbean farms:

  • 75% La Red Guaconejo: is a certified organic, fair trade cocoa cooperative located in the Dominican Republic.
  • 25% Elvesia and Belize:  The Elvesia comes from a Swiss farm, tracing back to the 18th century in the Dominican Republic. these beans are an exceptional blend of organic Trinitario and Criollo that ferment for five days and are slowly dried in the sun for a higher quality flavor profile.

As if you needed any more reasons, this cold brew cocoa also happens to be good for you:  packed with minerals like magnesium and iron, it is also filled with antioxidants--especially when the cacao is raw (and these are!)