Decaf Ethiopia, Shakisso Farm


Decaf Ethiopia, Shakisso Farm

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Region:  Oromia
Subregion:  Guji
Elevation:  1,800 masl
Varietals:  Mixed Heirlooms
Processing: Natural and Swiss Water

Roasted or Green:
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Shakisso began producing organic coffee in 2001. Shortly after, with the assistance of a European importer, they built a cupping lab and hired 13 full time staff members to manage the 640 acre farm. The results have been consistently delicious! 

This lot from Shakisso Farm is Certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Our tasting notes
Flavor: sugar browning, caramel, hint of blueberry
Body: medium
Acidity: cranberry, soft, balanced
Finish: caramel, lingering